About Us


Dr. Michael Bricker founded COPPS in 2013 after working with and surveying the needs of dozens of police and public safety agencies.  Unfortunately, many psychology firms practicing in this area tend to use inexperienced, unlicensed, or newly licensed staff with little to no training or expertise in conducting these highly specialized evaluations.  Dr. Bricker was concerned at how this puts agencies at risk and formed COPPS in order to raise the caliber of services available to law enforcement and public safety agencies in the Chicagoland area.

COPPS believes that agencies, as part of their role in protecting the public and securing their safety, often are required to place themselves at significant risk when selecting candidates, retaining staff, and carrying out operations.  COPPS takes this seriously by using the latest scientifically informed methods for evaluating candidates and current law enforcement officers, as well as in maximizing the effectiveness of agency operations and procedure. We believe this ultimately allows agencies to pick the best applicants, retain the best staff, and implement practices that help protect the agency from unnecessary scrutiny.

In addition to our extensive education, training, and experience in this highly specialized field, the staff at COPPS are actively involved in professional organizations and continuing education in an effort to ensure that we are offering services that are in line with the most up-to-date laws and regulations that govern this practice.  As a result, COPPS aims to help agencies avoid litigation and complaints that often result from misinformation and questionable assessment practices.

At COPPS, we see our services as an investment in your agency; an opportunity to complement and build upon the hard work your agency is doing as it finds ways to best protect and serving the public. We look forward to being of service to you and your agency.

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