Kaitlyn Hernandez, PsyD

Consulting Psychologist

Dr. Hernandez is a clinical and forensic psychologist licensed in the state of Colorado, also holding PsyPact authorization to practice in over 27 states. In addition to her work as a consulting psychologist with the Center of Police Psychological Services, Dr. Hernandez has a private practice where she conducts a variety of forensic evaluations (i.e., sanity, competency, juvenile transfer, mitigation) throughout the state of Colorado. She is also employed as a contractor with the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS), where she conducts forensic evaluations for the State. Outside of Colorado, she is employed as an associate for Walker & Associates, LLC, and provides forensic evaluations and expert testimony nationally on cases involving trauma and domestic abuse. She has extensive training and experience as a forensic evaluator and has previously worked in a variety of settings including, correctional facilities, psychiatric hospitals, and outpatient diversion. Dr. Hernandez received her doctorate from Nova Southeastern University, and her Bachelor’s Degree from University of California San Diego (UCSD). She completed her predoctoral internship at Eastern State Hospital and recently completed a forensic postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Denver, Denver Forensic Institute for Research, Service, and Training (Denver FIRST), where she continues to work as an affiliate.